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how much do nfl umpires make

When someone mentions the term ‘NFL Umpires’, I immediately think of the ever-famous referees who come out on the field during the Superbowl and officiate the game. I’m sure you’ve seen them donning the iconic striped black and white, but do you know how much NFL Umpires make?

The truth is, NFL Umpires are actually pretty well-paid, making an average of approximately $173,000 per year. That’s significantly more than the average salary of other jobs and professions, which tend to have lower pay-grades. And this doesn’t just stop at the regular season; umpires who make it to the big game can actually make an additional $11,900, adding to their already impressive aforementioned salaries!

When it comes to job performance, the NFL Umpires are no slouch. Umpires have to have a great eye for detail and a keen knowledge of the games in order to properly officiate it. We’ve all been in those situations where we were certain an overt call was missed, but that’s usually due to human error. NFL Umpires are trained to makeup for these kinds of mistakes, and when they do, they are credited for catching them.

Umpires also need to stay up-to-date with the rules for each game, be it flag football, soccer, basketball, etc.. As the game changes, the rules will change, and umpires need to be aware of such changes in order to stay on top of their game, so to speak. And this doesn’t stop with the rules; they also have to study the teams they are officiating and the best way to handle the matches. It’s not always the easiest job in the world, but it’s certainly a rewarding one.

It’s not only the game itself which demands knowledge; umpires also need to be familiar with the players and coaches in order to ensure a safe environment. That is, they have to make sure players respect the game and that coaches abide by the rules. It’s already enough to keep up with the game, so this focuses mainly on the people off the field than anything else.

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