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how much do nfl security guards make

Man, the NFL security guards make some bank. I mean, they make decent money for all their hard work. You know, they protect players, coaches and fans. Plus, they gotta stay on their toes at all times, so they can’t really slack off or sleep on the job.

Also, NFL security guards make an average of $50,000 a year. But, depending on the team and overall job performance, they can pull in up to $80,000. Go figure, right? I mean, it’s almost like they’re playing a game of football with their paycheck‚Ķ they can easily touchdown the extra twenty grand if they work hard.

But if you think about it, it’s pretty understandable why they make so much money. I mean, I’d pay someone handsomely to make sure my team and crew were safe. It’s an added layer of protection and they are literally the first line of defense for any security breach. And not to mention the spontaneous reactions they may have to handle.

Plus, you can’t forget the constant travel. Security guards follow the team to every away game, which can be exhausting. They gotta be alert and ready in any environment they’re in, whether it’s a stadium, an arena, a parking lot, or even a practice field.

On top of that, many guards also must possess certain certifications to qualify for the position. This may include weapons certifications, CPR training, and wholesale jerseys other specialized training. It’s all necessary stuff, which means the NFL pays for all of these certifications!

All in all, NFL security guards make pretty good money, and it’s clear why. From travel to certifications to being first line of defense to the team, they gotta be paid for the protection and service they provide.So should they make more? I mean, Cheap Jerseys china when you implement all the perks into the job description, an extra 50-80K per year is a glove fit.