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how much do nfl.cheerleaders make

I was recently talking with a good friend of mine who is a huge fan of the NFL and she asked me about the salaries of the professional NFL cheerleaders. I knew very little about it, and so I decided to conduct my own research. I have to say, I was utterly shocked by the findings.

The truth is, NFL cheerleaders don’t make all that much. Many of them don’t even make minimum wage! wholesale nfl jerseys from china cheerleaders are hourly employees and they make an average of $150-$200 per home game and very little for specific commercials, appearances and practises. They’re not provided with healthcare benefits, pensions or any other form of insurance either. This is really surprising given the level of talent and dedication NFL cheerleaders demonstrate, and the amount of time they invest in the team.

And the money they earn is all taxable, so they have to pay taxes on top of that. On top of all that, they have to cover their own travel expenses and uniforms. It seems outrageous when you compare their income to the much higher salaries of the players which, in most cases, is millions of dollars each year.

I completely agree that it’s not fair. NFL cheerleaders are the life blood of the team and they provide an amazing boost of energy at each home game. It’s really great to see the stands full of cheering fans and there would be no enthusiasm without the NFL cheerleaders out on the field.

My friend was pretty appalled when I told her all this. I think we all tend to take NFL cheerleaders for granted because we never really think about how much they sacrifice to be part of the team. wholesale jerseys from china the time consuming practices to the long hours at the games, many of them are juggling full-time jobs as well and yet they never stop cheering for their teams.

What’s more, some teams even go so far as to set rules and regulations for their cheerleaders. They have to keep strict diets, maintain their weight, and sometimes they’re even monitored! All of this is quite disheartening and something has to change in order for NFL cheerleaders to be treated with the respect they deserve.

It’s a shame that NFL cheerleaders don’t get paid anywhere near the salaries of the players, and I know the hardworking individuals on the team are having a tough time making ends meet. We should all recognize the amazing impact that these ladies make on the game and realize that they are far more than just eye candy on the side line.

These days, many teams have begun to increase the wages and benefits of NFL cheerleaders, which is a great improvement. And many fans are campaigning for better wages and conditions. It’s a positive start, and now it’s up to us fans to keep the pressure on, and really demand change and a much more equal pay. That way, cheerleaders can be acknowledged and appreciated for the huge contribution they make to the team and to the sport.