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how many samoans are in the nfl

It seems unbelievable that there are not more Samoans in the NFL. After all, the island of Samoa is known to produce some of the world’s strongest athletes – most of us can only imagine the strength of a Samoan football team. But, sadly, there are only 27 Samoans currently in the NFL, making up less than 2% of all players in the league.

I’m surprised by this statistic – if we look at the history of the game, we can see that Samoans have made huge contributions to the sport. Back in the 1970s, Gene ‘Tumpy’ Williams, a Samoan cheap nfl jerseys player from Hawaii, was the first person from the islands to make it into the professional leagues. Since then, we’ve seen a host of iconic figures, like Manu Tuiasosopo and Jack ‘the Hammer’ Thompson, pave the way for modern-day players.

I understand why many young Samoans might find it difficult to break into the NFL. The competition is incredibly tough, and unless you possess some serious physical talent, you’re at a major disadvantage. It requires tremendous investment in yourself, and many people don’t have the time or money available to pursue their dreams.

However, there’s still so much potential for Samoan athletes in the NFL. Some of the best players in the league right now are Samoan, including J.J. Watt, Ezekiel Ansah, and Jordan Ta’amu. It’s encouraging to see that despite a small number of Samoans, they’ve had a major impact on the game.

I firmly believe that with a few more opportunities, more Samoans will make their way into the NFL in the near future. All it takes is hard work, ambition, and a chance to prove yourself – and with someone like Jordan Ta’amu already paving the way, I’m sure there will be many more Samoan success stories to come.

Though the number of Samoans in the NFL is astonishingly low, we mustn’t forget the generations of Samoans who worked hard to make the game what it is today. We owe so much to Tumpy, Manu and Jack who helped make the NFL the glamorous league that it is. Without them, the wholesale nfl jerseys from china might still be stuck in its Wild West days.

When we look at the game today, it’s impossible to ignore the mountain of money that’s been invested in facilities, kit, and recruitment. These resources should be tapped into, and invested into chasing more Samoan talent – I’d love to see the day when the football field is as diverse in Samoa as it is in America.

The last thing we should remember is that Samoan players are already making huge strides in the sport. Everywhere we look, there are more Samoans achieving on the football field – and the NRL should be commended for its efforts to make sure a new generation of Samoan players have the chance to shine.

Despite Samoans playing a comparatively small role in the NFL, their influence still runs deep throughout the sport. Tumpy, Manu, and Jack helped shape the sport, and their legacy will live on in the hearts of players and coaches alike. With new recruitment opportunities and more sponsorship for Samoan talent, the numbers will surely continue to grow.