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how many nfl teams are in texas

No one can deny that Texas loves Football, Texas loves the NFL and the number of NFL teams that are based in Texas is impressive. From the Dallas Cowboys to the Houston Texans, Texans love to cheer on all their pro teams. I’ve grown up a Cowboys fan myself, and Texans all say that if you aren’t a Cowboys fan you have to at least respect the energy and enthusiasm of Cowboy Nation, no matter what your team is.

As for the actual number of NFL teams based in Texas, it depends on how you count them. Roper Stadium in Austin hosts the XFL’s Texas Renegades, so they aren’t technically in the NFL, but if you want to count them, then you could say there are three teams. But the Houston Texans and the Dallas Cowboys are both official members, so technically you could just say two.

It’s no surprise then that the Cowboys are the most popular NFL team in Texas. They’ve won five Super Bowls and eight conference championships, and they have an immense fan base across the state. If you go to any bar or restaurant in Texas, you’re almost sure to see several Cowboys fans gathered around a television watching the game. And when the Texans make it to the playoffs, that same sense of community sees fan bases from all over the state join in the celebrations.

Regardless of what team you’re cheering for, the common denominator amongst all Texans is passion. Whether you’re a Cowboys fan or a Texans fan, you want your team to be the best and you want your team to win. You love your team and you stand with them when they win and stand with them when they lose. That’s part of being a Texan, and it’s what makes football in Texas so special.

Whenever I go to a Cowboys game or a Texans game, I always see so many smiling faces and Cheap Jerseys china people just having a great time. There’s so much energy in the air, it’s hard to explain. It’s that buzz and excitement that comes wholesale jerseys from china being part of a sport that’s watched by millions of people across the country. And being able to cheer on your favorite team, whether the Cowboys or the Texans, is a unique privilege that Texans all share.

Even when the Cowboys or the Texans aren’t having the best season, you can still feel the love that the people in the stands have for their team. They remain loyal through thick and thin, and I admire that. No matter what team you love, what number of teams exist in Texas, or what their record may be, you know that football will never stop being an important part of Texas life.

So how many NFL teams are in Texas? Technically, two. But if you ask me, I’d say more! Whether its two, three, or five if you love football, then Texas is the place for you!