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how many latinos play in the nfl

It’s no secret that Latinos are underrepresented in the NFL. Unfortunately, there can’t be a full appreciation of the reasons why this is the case without looking at the bigger picture. From my perspective, it’s a cause for frustration – even though I don’t call football my favorite sport, it’s still something I immensely enjoy watching with my family and friends.

Since I’m Latina, it would be really powerful for me to see more Latinos on the field and in the locker room. It’s a shame that our culture isn’t more involved in the NFL – and it’s something that, as a community, we need to change. According to the latest statistics, Latinos only make up about 5% of NFL players, which doesn’t even begin to touch the diversity of the culture as a whole.

It’s not hard to understand why there’s not more Latinos in the NFL. The odds are already stacked against us. Many Latino families don’t have the resources to support a child through a college football program when compared with white or wealthier families. Not that money is the only thing that keeps a Latino player Cheap Jerseys from china getting drafted; in some cases, players may not even be aware that there is an opportunity to even pursue it.

It’s also true that Latino players face discrimination once they step onto the field, which can be discouraging. It’s alienating to think that only a small percentage of NFL players look anything like me. Alas, it’s a harsh reality that still needs to be addressed, and it’s one we shouldn’t overlook.

The NFL, and all of its media outlets, needs to prioritize Latino players. The NFL should invest in Hispanic communities to help them achieve success, and the media should help by highlighting Latino players and their stories. This — our stories — should be a priority for the League. Up and coming players should have the exposure and representation necessary to get the full support of the League.

At the end of the day, the NFL should recognize that Latino players bring something unique to the table. We bring culture and flavor to the game, and should not be overlooked. It would be remarkable to see the NFL celebrate and welcome the influence of Latinos in the sport — just as it celebrates different cultures.

I’m sure that with the push of the Latino community, our athletes, and the League itself, we will eventually see a greater number of Latino players in the NFL. This will not only open up opportunities for more Latinos to participate in the game, but it would also build a stronger relationship between the wholesale nfl jerseys from china and Hispanic fans. It would be truly inspirational to watch.