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how is the nfl rigged

As someone who loves and appreciates football, the idea that the NFL is rigged disgusts and disappoints me. Who am I supposed to trust if the biggest professional organization isn’t allowing fair play?

First of all, I think it’s important to understand why people might actually think the NFL is rigged. After all, a quick Google search of ‘NFL rigging’ brings up hundreds of articles and videos discussing how the referees or officials may be making biased decisions to favor certain teams or outcomes.

At this point, my blood starts to boil. After all, I’ve spent countless hours watching my favorite teams and players play and the notion that it’s all predestined does not sit well with me. Sure, there are some not-so-subtle indicators at times when it comes to officiating. But to think that it’s so easily controlled and manipulated is preposterous.

Most of the people who make these accusations don’t even take the time to look at the facts. In reality, officials in the NFL are held to a high accountability level. Sure, mistakes and bad calls will occur, but it’s not because the NFL is controlling any outcome. It’s because referee accuracy can’t surpass the level of human error.

Moreover, neither the NFL nor its teams benefit Cheap Jerseys from china rigging games in any way. Take a look at the recent Super Bowl, for example. The New England Patriots were huge favorites to win the game but lost to the upstart Philadelphia Eagles. The NFL has no control over that outcome.

Furthermore, the NFL goes out of its way to promote competitive balance and fairness among its teams. The collective bargaining agreement between the NFL and its players ensures that teams that draft well or players that outperform their contracts get rewarded. This rebuts the notion that the game is rigged.

Now let’s step back a second and really take into account the power of an athlete’s mental and physical dexterity. A small mistake or miscalculation can lead to a few yard gain or long pass, and ultimately, the shift of momentum in the game. These plays are impossible to unequivocally determine or pre-determine ahead of time.

The same holds true for any sport. The idea of referees or officials rigging games is simply farfetched. This isn’t the WWE or any other scripted production. The beauty of the game lies within its uncertainties and it’s truly a joy and privilege to witness these fierce and talented athletes go head to head each week.

Furthermore, I think the make-up of the NFL itself speaks to the point that the league is not rigged. Think about all the great teams and dedicated athletes that have joined the professional level since its inception. Talent isn’t just born, it is developed, and the NFL is proof positive that hard work does pay off if you put in the dedication and effort.

Finally, I think it really comes down to trust. Do you really believe that the wholesale nfl jerseys is going to risk its reputation and financial success by rigging games? That doesn’t seem likely, given the power and resources of the organization.

In the end, I firmly believe the NFL is not rigging its games. I think we should focus on the beauty and excitement of the game instead of trying to make baseless accusations and theories. While there is always room for improvement, every sport will inevitably have its flaws. But it doesn’t matter in the grand scheme of things because the thrill of being a sports fan will always remain.