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how heavy are nfl pads

Wow, NFL pads are really heavy! I’ve seen some NFL football players in real life, and they are completely padded up like an astronaut. And then they go out on the field and try to play a game wearing these heavy pads. It’s like a crazy awesome armor they give themselves to tackle and break into each other without getting knocked out. I mean, those pads must be at least 40 to 50 pounds of protective gear that players wear over their entire body parts.

I have a friend who plays for an NFL team and he tells me stories about how they are used to dealing with the weight of their gear and how they mange to run and move around with all those heavy pads on. He says they don’t feel the weight until they take them off and even then, they still have enough power to play the game two hours straight at a time.

It’s amazing how these guys can keep going and still complete the game even when they are bogged down by all those heavy pads. To me it’s like they have a superpower that allows them to move like that even with all that weight on them. And funny enough these are just training pads that the guys use before the actual game. So imagine the real life pads that these guys have to wear? It’s like their entire body is rotting in sweat and pain.

However, playing with these heavy pads are necessary for players to prevent any major injuries, like broken bones and bruises. They let the player tackle and stop the other team, and also helps in protecting them Cheap Jerseys from china any kind of physical contact. But most importantly, these pads ensure the safety of players during the game which is why they are such an integral part of football.

These pads make the players look like they just walked out from an urban sci-fi video game. There are shoulder pads, chest protectors, helmets, gloves etc. Not to mention the regular helmet with mouth guard and chin protector. It’s like the players’ entire body is laced with padding like a boxers gloves.

Sometimes when I watch NFL games, I think the players are like superheroes because they move so effortlessly even with all that weight on them. And you know these players have to work really hard to strengthen their bodies , so that they can not only carry out their normal workout exercises but also sustain the weight of their gear while playing. It really takes a superhuman effort to wear heavy pads and still perform at this level.

The biggest challenge these players face is dealing with the heat when playing with so many pads. It’s like an oven in there. So they have come up with a few ways of dealing with that extra thermal load. Specialized cooling vests are used to dissipate the heat and regulate body temperature. Also nitrogen based pads are used to reduce the sweat and provide maximum comfort. It’s crazy just how much heat they experience with all those bulky pads on them.

Given the amount of physical contact that occurs in nfl Jerseys , the football pads are also a weapon of protection. As much as it slows players down during tackles, it is also guard against injuries. Plus, they even provide protection for players in case of a collision with other players or the ball, so that they don’t end up seriously injured.

Even so, no matter what kind of pads these players wear, the general weight is a burden for them. The material used to make the pad is carefully decided and weighed out by experts to prevent injuries and to also make sure the players are comfortable wearing it. Even so, they still have to carry this mass of heavy gear on them for hours at a time. It’s truly admirable when you think about it.