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how hard do nfl players hit

Hitting in the NFL might just be one of the most feared things about the game. I remember going to my first NFL game, and being taken aback by the sheer force of the impact when two players collided. It’s a sound that just doesn’t compare to anything else. It’s like a car crash, but it’s actually two people smashing into one another at full speed. Being a football player seems like an incredibly intimidating job, wholesale nfl jerseys from china and for good reason.

It’s no mystery why they don’t wear a lot of protective gear on the field. After all, even with that extra layer the hits would be jarring enough. I’ve often wondered how hard these guys hit, and if they have any kind of control over it. Well, I may finally have an answer.

I recently read a few articles about a new tackling technique being taught by some coaches, called “heads up” tackling. This style of tackling is supposed to trained players to keep their heads up when contact is made, as this is one of the best ways to minimize the force of a hit. It involves taking a shoulder on to the shoulder or Cheap Jerseys from china side of the opponent, while also avoiding the head or neck area. As someone who has seen these kinds of tackles in action, it’s clear that the guys executing them are doing it with incredible precision.

The idea here is not to just minimize the impact, but to be more efficient. This kind of tackling requires a great deal of practice and focus, and it’s clear that the guys training in this style can produce some of the hardest hits in the league. It’s a combination of speed, agility, and technique that can produce huge amounts of impact on opponents.

Many commentators will talk about the contact being made in the game, and make references to how hard the players hit one another. My understanding is that if a player wants to truly maximize their hitting power and efficiency, the heads up technique is the way to go. So it’s not just about brute force, but also about timing and technique.

I remember one particular hit that I witnessed that truly showed off the power and precision of heads up tackling. It was a play that didn’t draw a penalty, and yet there was an audible thud that was felt by everyone in the stadium. It was truly a thing of beauty. The guy was running full speed, with perfect technique, and the collision of him and his opponent was like nothing I had ever seen before.

It’s clear that the power and precision with which these guys hit one another requires an immense amount of skill and concentration. To be able to square up correctly for a tackle and apply the right amount of force takes practice. It’s a combination of speed, agility, and technique that the better players can perfect over time, and it’s something that is truly awe-inspiring to witness.

What’s even more amazing is that these guys spend countless hours training for these hits. They do sprints, agility drills, and special tackling drills to make sure they are ready for the rigors of the game. They understand that to make the biggest impact, they need the most control, so they practice, practice, and practice some more.

The other factor in hitting the hardest in the NFL is the element of surprise. Coaches will often gameplan to exploit specific weaknesses in their opponent’s defense by using misdirection and counters. This can allow the offense to gain an advantage and catch the defense off-guard for a big hit. Being able to capitalize on these opportunities requires the hitter to be both fast and precise.

The truth is, hits in the NFL are about more than just brute force. The players who hit the hardest in the league are able to combine speed, agility, and technique to deliver intense impact with precision and accuracy. These guys have trained and practiced for years in order to perfect their craft, and I can only imagine the courage it must take stepping onto that field knowing that an intense tackle could be coming at any moment.