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how does the nfl skycam work

Hey! I wanted to tell you about how the NFL SkyCam works. Have you ever watched an NFL game on TV and noticed a camera flying around that gave you an aerial view of the action? That’s the SkyCam! It’s a remote-controlled camera that gives sports broadcasters a totally new perspective.

cheap jerseys made in china Mitchell \u0026 Ness Robert Parish Boston Celtics Hardwood Classics ...So how does the SkyCam work? Well, first of all, it’s suspended over the field by five wires that provide power, video and control signals. The SkyCam has a central processing unit to monitor control and data signals, as well as two custom-designed five-axis precision gimbals to stabilize it. The gimbals also keep the camera level, automatically compensate for any vibrations, and adjust its attitude. The whole set-up is linked to robotic control remotely operated by an operator.

The operator controls the SkyCam using a pair of joysticks, one for wholesale jerseys from china direction and one for camera movement. The joysticks are connected to a radiofrequency receiver, which passes the commands to the camera’s power train and motors. The camera’s power train contains an electric motor to pan the camera left and right, and a rack and pinion system to tilt the camera up and down. This allows the operator to move the camera in any direction they like.

The joysticks give the SkyCam operator precise control over the camera’s field of view, speed, and movements. The operator can seamlessly change angles and zooms, and use the joystick to control the camera’s gimbals. The gimbals allow for “tabletop” shots—giving the operator the freedom to simulate traditional dolly shots while keeping the camera suspended in the air.

Now, the SkyCam usually moves at a height of 20 to 40 feet directly above the field. It can move up to 705 feet per second, which is about as fast as NASCAR vehicles on the track. But when necessary, the camera can go in an even higher gear, reaching speeds of up to 1200 feet/seconds (which is faster than the world’s fastest land animal, the cheetah!).

Finally, the video received Cheap Jerseys from china the SkyCam is transmitted back to the broadcast booth via a transmitter. Since all of the wires that suspend the camera are used for data streaming, the video is always flawless. The announcer in the booth and the team in the studio can monitor the feeds as well.

Pretty cool, huh? I think it’s truly amazing technology that gives us a new and exciting way to watch sports. What do you think?