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has anyone died from a hit in the nfl

Growing up, football seemed like a dangerous sport. I remember watching players getting sent off for fouls or receiving yellow cards, and thinking how reckless these guys must be. But I never really thought about the risk of death until I heard about a gruesome death of a NFL player, Ryan Davie. He was killed after being hit in the head when competing in an rugby match in 2013.

At first, it seemed almost surreal that Ryan was gone in such a short amount of time, and I had a hard time processing my emotions. How could a supposedly fun, family-friendly game result in someone’s death? Was the sport becoming more dangerous, or was this a one-off incident?

cheap jerseys from china reddit Mitchell \u0026 Ness Scottie Pippen Chicago Bulls Hardwood Classics ...I did some research, and sadly discovered that it was not an isolated incident. Several players, both professional and amateur, have died from head injuries experienced while playing football. It was baffling to me, as I thought such injuries were simply accidental and could never be fatal.

To make matters worse, it seemed like rules-makers weren’t doing anything to stop the problem. In the NFL, for instance, head-protection rules were only implemented in 2017, 4 years after Ryan’s death. And even then, the rules weren’t enforced. Players continued to suffer from head trauma and, in some cases, eventually passed away.

I was appalled by the lax rules and the lack of action taken to rectify the situation. It seemed like players were treated more like objects than like people in need of protection and care. It made me think about the underlying attitude of sports authorities, and how it contributed to the deaths of so many young men.

Naturally, I was worried about the safety of my friends and Cheap Jerseys free shipping family, and so I spoke to as many people as I could about the issue. Everyone agreed that football could be a dangerous sport, but they also contended that it was safe if the correct safety measures were understood and implemented. I concluded that, while there were risks associated with the sport, it could be a fun and enjoyable experience without the threat of death.

I admit that I feel frightened when I watch NFL games now, Cheap Jerseys free shipping knowing the dangers they contain. But I also believe in the power of sports to increase self-esteem, confidence, and respect. Football can be a powerful way to show strength and resilience, and it can be a great way to bond with each other.

Of course, I take the potential risks seriously, but I also want to embrace the sense of camaraderie and joy that football can bring. To me, that’s the most important part.