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does oakley make nfl helmets

Hey, have you heard that Oakley has launched NFL helmets? I was so curious; this was the first time I heard of a fashion brand making NFL helmets! So, I decided to look further into the story, and what I found was pretty awesome.

First of all, Oakley had partnered with the National Football League to design the helmets with the players’ safety as the priority. The innovative team at Oakley had worked on utilizing the latest technologies in order to create NFL helmets that would provide the best protection while still being lightweight and comfortable for the players.

What’s really cool is that the innovative Oakley Helmet System provides improved vision, impact protection and flexibility. It has some truly unique features such as an integrated visor, integrated face mask, grid suspension system and improved air flow to help keep the players cool. In addition, the improved vision technology helps give the players a clear view of the field and play better.

On top of the safety, Oakley had also made sure that these NFL helmets look great as well. The helmets have bold, stylish designs with vibrant colors and sleek lines. It definitely stands out from the other helmets out there.

I also found out that these Oakley NFL helmets come with a built-in chip by Zebra Technologies. This chip connects to a receiver to collect data points during the game, tracking information like the speed, acceleration and deceleration of each player. This data can be used to further understand and improve the safety of the players.

So, this is some of the information I was able to gather. All in all, I must say, with the combination of innovation and style, it looks like Oakley has done a great job making NFL helmets. This could really revolutionize safety in the National Football League.

Now one of the first questions that comes to mind is, do other teams use this technology? Indeed, it looks like not all NFL teams are using Oakley helmets yet. But the teams that have adopted the Oakley Helmet System have seen improved performance and better safety. For instance, the Pittsburgh Steelers is one of the teams that has recently started using the Oakley Helmet System.

Another thing that comes to mind is, might Oakley helmets protect players from concussions? Though there is no one-size-fits-all solution for concussion prevention, the Oakley Helmet System was tested to reduce linear and angular acceleration. This means that the helmet helps absorb some of the force of hits to reduce the likelihood of a concussion.

Now, this is something that really caught my eye. Along with the safety features, the Oakley helmets also comes with audio technology! It integrates with the Zebra chip to enable select players to hear audio signals from their coaches while playing, without any need for Cheap Jerseys china bulky headsets. With this technology, players will be able to make split-second decisions on the field based on their coaches’ directions.

Lastly, these Oakley NFL helmets are also quite durable. They have been tested to withstand multiple impacts and protect the players even after rough play. The quality of the helmet is certainly up to the standards of the NFL.

Now, there is no doubt in my mind that Oakley has done a great job with these NFL helmets. With the combination of stylish designs, improved safety and innovative features, they are definitely a step up Cheap Jerseys from china traditional helmets. I can’t wait to see how this advances the safety of football. Do you think it will make a difference in the game?