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does fubo have all nfl games

It was a Sunday morning and I was planning to watch the NFL. I was so excited and couldn’t wait to kick-back and relax the whole day with the game. But then I remembered, how do I watch it? I had to intercept my excitement and started searching for an appropriate streaming service. That’s when I got to know about Fubo.

I had heard about it during the times of pandemic and I wanted to try it out. I hastily opened the browser and started exploring Fubo and it’s features. At first, I got a bit confused, navigating the website was complicated and I had to check several sections before coming to the conclusion that probably, Fubo has all the NFL games.

The live channel listings said all NFL broadcast networks and Flux Networks were available under Fubo. Then I noticed some interesting highlights and features, I could watch two New York teams in the same week if I buy Fubo, and they do provide a 7-day free trial which I thought was quite helpful.

But despite all the positives, my main concern was it doesn’t offer the NFL Sunday Ticket which offsets the cons of Fubo. Sunday Ticket is the ultimate package for NFL fans and not being part of Fubo package was a bit disappointing. But I realized maybe not having NFL Sunday Ticket has been a conscious decision by Fubo to provide cheaper packages and give other streaming options the opportunity to grab a slice of the cake.

I was provided several choices from 65+ networks and I knew I could watch the most exciting games each week. To sum this up I felt Fubo does have all NFL Games or at least the ones aired on the broadcast network and Flux Networks.

I appreciated how I could customize my channel list and select the one I preferred. Although the website seemed crowded with tons of overwhelming information, I felt comfortable after I didn’t find any hidden surprises. Fubo offers a layer of stability as with the prominent networks available I didn’t have worry about missing out on any matches.

The 7-day free trial enabled me to watch the games that week and explore the features further. With such features, I had to give it a shot. I can’t wait to binge watch the NFL games this season with Fubo!

I was still in doubt whether Fubo can provide every NFL match or not? So, I started doing some research on the web. I was happy that I didn’t disturb the official website and found reviews and opinions about the service on multiple sites. This helped me to understand more in-depth about Fubo. According to the reviews, Fubo provides an excellent platform and which is perfect for wholesale jerseys NFL fans. The standard subscription provides access to regional sports networks, TNT, NFL Network, ESPN and Fox Sports in more than 70 channels.

That being said, there is one downside to Fubo and that’s the lack of NFL Sunday Ticket. Being an avid NFL fan, this was certainly a major setback for me. But I believed that Fubo is not designed as a single game streaming platform and instead of having all the NFL matches, it opted for other options.

Plus, while searching for the answers I understood, Fubo provides several subscription packages for those who want the wholesale nfl jerseys Redzone, NFL Sunday Ticket and additional sports streaming channels. Most of these packages provide a 7 days free trial and so I can try them out before committing.

Moreover, there are several other professional sports games streaming options for baseball, basketball, hockey and football. As compared to other streaming services, Fubo provides more access with regional sports networks which was great news for me.

Overall, Fubo provides several pros and cons. There are some upsides and downsides to the service, but I wouldn’t mind missing out on some matches. The extensive list of sports streaming options and channels provided by Fubo is what I’d recommend to my friends and I’m really looking forward to watching the NFL this season with Fubo.