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does england like the nfl

It’s an undeniable fact that England loves its sports. From football to cricket to rugby, we’re passionate about any game we get involved in and the NFL is no different. But does England actually like the NFL? Well, that depends on who you ask.

It seems in recent years, more and more English people have grown to like the NFL, with a surprising number of people tuning in to watch it each week, even though there isn’t a team based in England. The NFL is becoming more popular with each passing year as more people start to catch the fever.

I’ve watched the NFL for the past few years and I think it’s fair to say that there’s a growing level of interest in the sport. It’s no longer seen as a strictly American game. The rise of fantasy football and other fantasy sports has really helped bring the NFL to life in England, with players competing for bragging rights among their friends and colleagues and watching their chosen teams play.

The popularity has also been helped by some of the most high-profile English players to have entered the league in recent years, with New York Giants cornerback Eli Apple and Detroit Lions wide receiver Marvin Jones proving to be hugely popular. It’s not just players that have helped the NFL take off in England either, as the London-based NFL UK has done a tremendous job of promoting the league and bringing the games to our shores.

The league has also become increasingly accessible with NFL games now broadcast on free-to-air television, which has made it easier than ever for English fans to follow their teams. We can now watch live games on a Sunday night, as well as highlights programmes and the endless weekly analysis.

Crazy level of fan loyalty aside, it’s hard to ignore the fact that the NFL is gaining popularity in England. The sport isn’t just popular with the younger generation either, as there are a noticeable number of people in their 40s and above who also follow the NFL avidly.

The popularity of the NFL isn’t just limited to England either, as more and more people across Europe are also tuning in and taking notice of the game. There are now numerous fan clubs and meetups across the continent that provide a great opportunity for fans to get together to enjoy the action.

Interestingly, the NFL is also becoming more and more accessible in the land of its origins, with several major teams having games played internationally in recent years. This is a great way to promote the sport and has created a new fanbase for the wholesale nfl jerseys who will hopefully introduce the game to even more people.

While the jury is still out on whether England likes the NFL, this much is for sure; through increased accessibility, greater engagement with fans, and world-class players like Eli Apple and Marvin Jones, the wholesale nfl jerseys from china is growing in popularity every year. And that’s something I for one, can only be grateful for.