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does direct tv have nfl network

Just the other day I was wondering if I could watch NFL network on Direct TV. It sounds like a big deal; after all the NFL network is one of the world’s biggest TV networks. Surely I should be able to catch all that action on Direct – right? Well, let’s see if this is a possibility.

My first thought was that yes, I could get the NFL network on Direct TV. I popped open the laptop, put in my search terms and bam! – tons of articles saying that, yes you can get the network on Direct TV. You know me, I like to look into things a little further before I make any decisions, so I decided to play a little game of detective.

I read one article that said you could get the network with certain packages, like the “Choice XTRA package” for example. Ok, cool – I kept reading and stumbled across an offer that said if you sign up for the Choice XTRA package – you’ll get 5 months free of NFL Sunday Ticket! Score! Now, that is what I’m talking about; no commercials, no hassles, just pure football.

Moving on, I headed over to Direct TV’s main page and stepped into the search bar asking about the NFL network. I was kind of expecting to see a big flashing “yes” sign, but no such luck; at least not yet. I had to keep searching, and I eventually found that indeed, you could get the NFL Network with the Choice XTRA package. Perfect! I was pretty pleased with my findings at this point – and I was ready to make the call.

I called Direct TV to inquire further about the NFL network. The representative was super friendly and helpful and confirmed that, yes. I got the network with the Choice XTRA package. He even told me that I could get NFL Sunday Ticket if I signed up for it. He ended the call with a huge grin, almost as if he was saying “take that!”

Now, I have to say that getting the NFL network on Direct TV was a great experience. It was easy to navigate, the customer service was excellent and it didn’t even cost me an arm and a leg. I even got NFL Sunday Ticket for Cheap Jerseys free shipping and that was an added bonus! So, I have to say that if you’re looking to watch NFL games on your TV, Direct TV is the way to go.

I began to research if there were any other packages available to get the wholesale nfl jerseys from china network on Direct TV. There seemed to be two other packages in addition to the Choice XTRA. They were the “Choice Ultimate” and the “Ultimate package”. I compared the two packages side-by-side to see which one offered me the best deal. It turns out that the Ultimate package was the better choice – it included the NFL network plus other channels such as ESPN, NBC Sports, Fox Sports, MLB Network, too.

Alright, so now I had two options: the Choice XTRA and Ultimate packages. After digging a bit further I found that the Choice XTRA package was the better option for me. The NFL network comes with both packages, however the Choice XTRA offers some extra goodies like the five-month free trial of NFL Sunday Ticket. Plus, the monthly fee for subscription to the Choice XTRA package is slightly cheaper than the Ultimate package.

10 hours agoSo, I made my final decision – I would go with the Choice XTRA package. I quickly ordered the package and got all the channels I wanted -including the ultimate NFL network! I’ve been having a great time ever since – I get to watch my favorite teams play each and every week. Direct TV definitely did it right when it came to NFL network – in my book, they are a winner!