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did tommie frazier play in the nfl

Tommie Frazier. He’s a name that us Nebraska Cornhuskers simply won’t ever forget. After all, we adore him for his achievements as the starting quarterback who led the Huskers to three national championships back in the mid-90s. I’m sure you’ve heard stories of his fiery leadership and legendary feats on the field of play. But did Tommie Frazier ever play in the NFL?

The question of whether or not Tommie Frazier played in the NFL is a popular one. And the answer is sadly “no”. Frazier had a great collegiate career, but unfortunately due to a blood clot condition and various injuries, pro scouts didn’t rate him as highly as other college football stars of his era. So while it’s a pity that Tommie wasn’t given a shot at professional football, he left a lasting legacy at Nebraska.

The way I remember it, Tommie had a magical talent for inspiring his team and leading them to victory. Sure, his stats were great, but what stood out to me was the leadership he showed. In November 1995, during a game against Alamo-Bowl-bound Missouri, he threw for three touchdowns – one of them from fifty-two yards – and rushed for seven more. That kind of exemplary performance solidified Tommie’s place in Cornhuskers’ lore.

You’ve probably heard about the “Sea of Red,” Nebraska’s stadium-filling fan section. The band played the fight song, and even members of the opposing team were known to join in the cheering. Well, Tommie Frazier had a huge part in making all that happen. From the sideline you’d see players and fans alike all fixing their gaze on him before each play, just waiting for him to make something happen.

I also remember the bowl games, particularly the Orange Bowl in 1996, when Tommie sliced and diced the Florida Gators defense to secure the national title. Before Tommie, we had glory from the ’94 season, but for us Cornhusker fans, 1995 was on a whole different level. Not only had Tommie led us to a national championship but he’d also made it look easy, passing for two-hundred-and-fifty-six yards with just fourteen completions. What a gutsy performance!

While it would have been great to have seen Tommie in the NFL, I’m just grateful that he was part of our team. In the end, I guess you could say that about Tommie Frazier. He could have gone pro but chose to stay with Nebraska and write a story that we always remember. Some might call it foolish, but I’d call it heroic!

When Tommie stepped away from football after the ’97 season, cheap jerseys he left a hole in our hearts. But the impact he made on the game will stay with us forever. He played with heart and left it all on the field.

When I hear the name Tommie Frazier, I think of grit, resilience, and an unwavering warrior spirit. He was one of the greatest Cornhusker quarterbacks of all time, and even without playing in the wholesale nfl jerseys from china we are still able to appreciate the role he played in making Nebraska a top tier college football program.

Coming back to the original question, did Tommie Frazier play in the NFL? Not a chance! But that doesn’t mean he can’t be remembered as one of the most exciting and dominating college quarterbacks of all time. Now, how about that?