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did anyone from remember the titans play in the nfl

I’m sure you’ve heard of the iconic movie Remember The Titans. It came out back in 2000, and it is based on the true story of the T.C. Williams High School varsity football team’s amazing journey to victory over a racially divided hometown. As the movie follows the team of players lead by Coach Herman Boone, the players are faced with obstacles of racism, trust, and respect, forcing them to come together to win the championship. The movie is great and it has stood the test of time as an inspiring sports classic. But did anyone from Remember The Titans play in the NFL?

Let’s take a closer look. Three of the actors who portrayed real-life players in the movie ended up playing in the NFL: Wood Harris, who played Julius Campbell, Cheap Jerseys free shipping Ryan Hurst, who was Gerry Bertier, and Donald Faison who was Petey Jones. All three were members of the cast in the movie, and they ended up carving out successful NFL careers.

Wood Harris was a wide receiver for the Atlanta Falcons and the Philadelphia Eagles for two seasons. During his brief career, he managed to catch several passes for over a hundred yards, and was a key target for the quarterback in both cities. During the off season, Wood Harris returned to acting, appearing in the Wire and many notable television shows.

Ryan Hurst was drafted by the New Orleans Saints in the 1998 NFL Draft. He ended up having a great four season run with the Saints, and is today considered one of the best tight ends to ever play for the team. He has also gone on to have an impressive acting career and is well known for his roles in Silicon Valley, and in movies such as Saving Private Ryan and We Were Soldiers.

Donald Faison went undrafted in the 2000 NFL Draft, but he ended up making it on to the New York Jets roster as their backup quarterback. He only played in one game for the Jets and ended up spending most of his career as a backup for other teams. After his NFL career ended, he went on to have major success in his acting career, appearing in Scrubs and in many other movies and television shows.

So, as you can see, although the movie was based on the true story of the T.C. Williams High school football team, three of its cast members actually went on to have real NFL careers. Even today, each of them continues to build on their successes, making their accomplishments as professional athletes look like child’s play compared to their current accomplishments. It just goes to show that you can pursue whatever dreams you have if you have the dedication and the drive to make them come true!

Now, let’s look at how their time on the team impacted their lives. For Wood Harris, playing in the NFL helped reinforce the importance of teamwork and the commitment needed to be successful. This is reflected in his decision to take the role of Julius Campbell in the movie. With the character, wholesale nfl jerseys from china he wanted to show what it takes to overcome adversity and racial divides.

When asked about his role, Ryan Hurst said it reminded him of the hardworking nature of being an NFL player. He said his time in the league taught him “to show up every day, do your best, and don’t let the fear of making mistakes or failure stop you from striving for excellence.” He also said the movie brought back all of those feelings and emotions he experienced while playing ball.

Donald Faison took on the role of Petey Jones in the movie, which was a perfect fit for him because it was a role about perseverance and dedication. He wanted to communicate the importance of having a never-say-die attitude, something he learned as a professional athlete.

Last, but not least, we need to look at the legacy the team left behind. The T.C. Williams High School football team still stands out in the minds of the community as a symbol of unity and hope. This is at least partly in thanks to Remember The Titans, which helped bring to life the amazing story of these players and inspired others to achieve greatness through hard work and dedication. It was an inspiring way to capture the struggles the team endured and today many children in the area look up to the team as an example of what is possible if you believe in yourself.

We can’t forget all the hard work these athletes put in to make their dreams become a reality. For these three actors, it all started with a compelling role in Remember The Titans that ultimately led them to the bright lights of the NFL. With dedication and perseverance, they not only made it on the field but out on the field and into our homes as well. That’s why it’s still such an inspiring and uplifting story to remember.