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can you bring a purse to an nfl game

A few weeks ago, wholesale nfl jerseys from china I was planning a trip to an NFL game with some of my friends. I’d never been to an NFL game before, so I wanted to make sure that I was familiar with the rules. One question on my mind was whether I could bring a purse with me.

At the time, I was concerned that the NFL had some kind of mean policy about purses like other sports venues. So I started researching the ‘no purse policy’ and reading up on the NFL’s rules for that matter.

When I saw that all NFL stadiums allowed bags if they are of a certain size and made of a certain type of material, I was ecstatic! This meant that I could indeed bring my trusty purse. What a relief! It felt like a major weight was lifted off my shoulders.

Since I was finally able to bring my purse, I started to daydream about what I would bring to the game and all the wonderful memories I would make. I knew that this purse would become a part of my story!

Once I got to the game, I patted my purse pocket and I felt a sense of security. It was like my purse was a trusty comrade and I felt ready for anything. wholesale jerseys from china snacks to a sweater to my wallet, I was prepared for anything that the game could throw my way.

I also really enjoyed having my camera with me too. I mean, what’s an NFL game without some fantastic pic