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can a player say no in the nfl draft

Once upon a time, a young man had a dream. He wanted to be part of the NFL Draft! But the young man wasn’t quite sure what would happen if he said “no.” Could he really say no?

Well, the answer is yes! While most players at the wholesale nfl jerseys from china Draft accept their teams immediately, it is possible for some players to say no. In fact, a few players have done it in the past.

Take tight end David Miller, Cheap Jerseys free shipping for example. He was once drafted in the seventh round by the Washington Redskins. But when he was offered a contract that wouldn’t pay him enough to meet his needs, Miller said no. He decided to wait and see if a better deal would come along.

In another case, quarterback Randy Fasani declined to join the Oakland Raiders after being selected in the fifth round. He was offered a signing bonus of $350,000, but he felt the offer wasn’t fair and refused it.

But players should be wary when saying “no” at the NFL Draft. It is risky and could potentially ruin a career. Teams can get angry easily, and they may not be so keen on the player the next time they consider drafting him.

Additionally, the player could miss out on a great opportunity. Maybe the team he was going to join wasn’t the best of options, or maybe the contract just wasn’t right. But turning down a team means the player may not have another chance for quite some time.

In some cases, it’s obvious when a player should turn down an offer. No amount of money should be worth compromising morals, for example. But in other cases, it really comes down to the player’s discretion and maturity.

The bottom line is that it is possible to say “no” in the NFL Draft and it has been done before. But players should think carefully before refusing an offer. Ultimately, it’s a personal decision, and no one should feel pressured to sign with any particular team.