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are there any nfl games on saturday

It was Saturday morning and I was really excited cause I heard there was gonna be some NFL games that day. As I turned on the tv, I was pumped to see what teams were playing and the score for the upcoming games. But to my disappointment, there weren’t any NFL games on that day. I was gutted! It felt like the football gods had a sense of humor and were playing a prank on me.

10 hours agoMy friends were also excited about the games. We had been planning on having a Football themed party all week and we were counting on some good games to watch. But the whole thing had gone down the drain with no NFL games on Saturday.

Some of my friends blamed the pandemic for the lack of games on Saturday, while I didn’t completely agree. I believed that it was a combination of the pandemic and some other reasons. The NFL teams had been playing the games since the start of season and they had games scheduled throughout the year, so why was Saturday different?

I did some research and found out that the wholesale nfl jerseys from china was having its bye week on Saturday so the teams had no games to play. That explains why there were no NFL games on Saturday.

But this was really frustrating ’cause that meant no live football this Saturday. We tried catching up on the highlights of previous games, but that was not quite the same as watching the game in real time. Nothing could replace the thrill of watching the players battle out on the pitch in front of thousands of fans.

I was really disappointed that the wholesale nfl jerseys from china took a break on Saturday, but on the other hand, I had to admit that this break was needed. The NFL players had been playing so many games each week. A break was much needed in order to keep the players fresh and prepare for the upcoming games.

Well, all I can say is that I’m really missing the NFL games on Saturday. The absence of live football was a big bummer and I can only hope that the bye week won’t last too long and the games will soon be back!