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are nfl footballs magnetic

So the other day, my buddy asked me if NFL footballs were magnetic. I was kinda dumbfounded at first, ’cause I had never really given it much thought. But then I thought about it for a bit and realized, yeah – NFL footballs have to be magnetic. Here’s why.

First of all, it’s all about the materials. wholesale nfl jerseys footballs are made up of three core components – the outer shell, a bladder and a valve. And at the heart of all these, is leather. Leather is made up of magnetic particles and, if strong enough, will attract a magnet. Now, it’s true that not all leathers are created equal, so the extent to which an NFL football is magnetic might vary depending on the leather used – but, generally speaking, it is magnetic.

Next up, let’s talk about why exactly NFL footballs need to be magnetic. In short, it’s because of the air-pressure inside the ball. If the air-pressure is kept constant and at the right level, then the kicks and throws made with the ball will be of consistent quality. This, in turn, results in a more enjoyable and efficient game play experience. And, this is where the magnetic properties of the ball come into play – magnets are used to keep the air-pressure regulated for an extended duration.

It’s also worth mentioning the less than obvious uses of magnets when it comes to NFL footballs. In the past, game play stoppages used to be a huge issue, as the equipment needed for a reset was few and far between. But, with the incorporation of magnets, this problem has been solved. Each NFL ball now has magnets embedded within it – this means that stoppages are now shorter and ball-resets are easier than ever before.

So, that’s the why and what for of NFL footballs and magnetism. But, now let’s get to the when and where. You might be surprised to know that NFL footballs don’t actually become magnetic during the game – instead, they are made magnetic before it begins. In order to ensure that the kicks and throws remain consistent and accurate, pre-game magnetic measurements are taken on each ball to determine the air pressure.

And lastly, let’s talk about the how – how exactly to NFL footballs become magnetic? As we know, magnets can come wholesale jerseys from china minerals, elements and even other objects. So, in the case of an NFL football, it all comes down to the leather. As mentioned before, leather is made up of magnetic particles and when it is exposed to certain magnetic fields, it will become magnetic.

So there it is, my friend – that’s the story of NFL footballs and magnetism. It’s a tale of a curious combination: two things that don’t seem to mix coming together to make something great. It’s a fascinating story and, just one of the reasons why I love NFL footballs.