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are nfl football games fixed

I vividly remember the time I watched my first NFL football game. It was such an amazing atmosphere, and the players just outdid themselves with their skill and strength. But the more I watch the NFL games, the more I start to wonder – are NFL games fixed?

I understand Cheap Jerseys free shipping that this is an uncomfortable topic to think or talk about. But I figured that if I’m asking my friend such a controversial question, thinking it has some truth to it, then I should look at the facts.

You see, everybody wants to believe that sports are pure and not tainted by money, power, and influence. But here’s the hard reality – human nature is fallible and tribalism can corrupt even the purest love of sports. I’m not sure any football game could truly be considered “pure” with so much money at stake for everybody who’s involved.

It’s an awkward thing to admit, but I think referees could be influenced to favor certain teams over others, especially if they aren’t held accountable. Not to mention, referees can’t be perfect all the time and they might make mistakes, some of which could be intentional – and the better, smarter teams tend to take advantage of them. So one side’s gain is another’s loss — and that’s not a level playing field in my book.

It’s also important to acknowledge that both teams have a motive for the outcome of the game, so the morality of it’s completely up for debate. It’s also possible that power brokers in the NFL might even be co-conspiring to fix games. Do I believe that’s the case? To be honest, I don’t know enough about the issue to be certain. But I won’t deny that it’s a real possibility.

It’s also worth noting that human bias and influence can have an effect on NFL games that’s not necessarily intentional. There are many small things that get overlooked – players can get away with holding or they’ll pick up a few yards during a play that they shouldn’t rarely get the penalty for it. Then there’s decisions like Terrell Owens’ famous catch off a sideline late in the game, and the referees ruling it an incomplete pass after watching the replay – which denied the Cowboys a super bowl appearance.

It can be hard to know for sure whether or not NFL football games are fixed. Some games could certainly be fixed intentionally, and some games could be unintentionally affected by decisions and bias. I guess the short answer is, there’s no way to really know for sure.

On the other hand, wholesale jerseys from china the possibility of NFL games being fixed also opens up the doors for more scrutiny by referees and inspectors. Imagine if they had an independent third party investigate every controversial play in a game? It could potentially lead to real change and cleaner, more honest games the way fans really want them.

In conclusion, things in the NFL might be more complicated than they appear. Fans would always want to think that the games they watch are honest and untainted. But whether or not they actually are fixed, will remain a mystery.

At the end of the day, it’s the element of surprise that makes NFL football games such an exciting sport to watch. Who knows what will happen out there on the field? Maybe surprises like that, will still be enough to keep us entertained, even with all these questions.